Microgaming Casinos

This online casino guide is going to be taking a look at what you will find being offered and made available to you if you are a player that is based in the UK and you set about playing at a Luxury Casino site that uses the Microgaming range of different gaming platforms.

microgaming casinos

The very first thing we would like you to know about Microgaming is that they have been in business since 1994, and in that time they have truly perfected the art of designing not only an enormous range of very highly playable online and mobile casino games as available at the recommended Zodiac Casino, but the software and gaming platforms that they have developed over the years are some of the most advanced and state of the art gaming platforms you can access too!

You will find their instant play online gaming platform is fully compatible with every single type of web browser so if you want to play casino games instantly and without you ever having to waste any amount of time downloading a software package onto your computer then make sure you play at one of our UK approved instant play Microgaming powered casino sites.

Microgaming also have a highly advanced fully downloadable online casino gambling platform too, now when you make the very wise decision of utilizing that gaming platform you are going to find that in additional to hundreds upon hundreds of different casino games you will also have lots of different player optional settings.

By using those option settings you are going to be able to tailor every single gaming session you have in a way that you find the most appealing, so whilst it will take a short while of their software and all of their casino games to download onto your computer it will certainly be worth the wait for you will have a very enjoyable and first class casino game playing experience when you do utilize their download gaming platform.

You many also be wondering just how you access and play the mobile gaming platforms that many Microgaming casinos now have on offer, well you will find that Microgaming have developed a highly advanced and start of the art mobile app, however players using some older styled mobile devices will also be able to download an play their Java compatible mobile casino games one at a time.

Also Microgaming have ensured that their mobile casino games are all designed to be compatible with the HTML5 protocol and as such as long as your mobile device has any type of web browser attached to it then you are going to be able to play their range of mobile casino games on your device through that web browser very seamlessly too!

One final type of gaming platform that may just appeal to you if and when you decide to sign up to and play at a Microgaming online casino site is their live play gaming platform,

When you access the live casino games on offer at a huge number of different Microgaming software powered online casino sites you will then be linked up to a land based casino via a live video link up that is streamed and beamed over the internet.

You will then be placing all of your bets and wagers remotely from your mobile device wherever you happen to be directly onto those real life land based casino tables, the range of games available on the Microgaming live gaming platform is fairly impressive however be aware the only type and variety of games available up on it are going to be casino card and table games!

Players Comments about Microgaming Casinos

Word of mouth is often one of the very best ways that you can learn about anything new that you may have tried before, and as such below you will find a range of our website visitors comments about playing at Microgaming software powered online casino sites that you may just find interesting, so please do read on to find out more.

The new slots are excellent!

I love playing slot machines online and if you have not yet played at a Microgaming casino site then I would strongly urge you to do so, for every month they get more slots loaded onto their gaming platforms and many of those slot games come with bonus games that have never been added onto a slot machine before! I find them very exciting to play and if you are a slot player you will do too, so give those new slots a try they are excellent Sarah

Use the auto play option

One thing I have found that makes playing Microgaming slot games very easy to do is the auto play option setting which you will find can be set on any of the slot games Microgaming have available and when using it each slot will play itself automatically.

Unlike at some other casinos when you are playing at Microgaming casinos you do have a lot of additional option settings built into the auto play option so you can set the auto play in a way you want and with no fuss. Janice

Downloadable casino tabbed browser

I like playing a lots of different Microgaming casino games but often find that I do not have a lot of spare time to play for long periods of time, one way that I am able to play lots of slots all at the same time is by using the tabbed browser feature which the downloadable gaming platform has on offer.

When you use the tabbed browser then you are able to open up and launch lots of different casino games all at the same time and can play them all together at the same time. Peter

Play the Mega Moolah slot!

If you want to have the best chances of winning a progressive jackpot then my advice would be for you to play the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming for it has four progressive jackpots all of which are won randomly too! Ian